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Newman's Own Custom BOX DNA20/DNA30 Mod - Starting at $179.99 - OUT OF STOCK

So this time we have kicked up a notch with the design using the hard to find NEWMAN'S OWN ORGANIC MINT TINS this has been referred to as the Rolls Royce of Custom DNA mods in the vapor marketplace to date!. Once again, If you have heard or read  or seen anything about A to Z Vapor World, then you have certainly heard about our custom mods. Having the largest selection of handmade custom mods in the vapor market place to date is no easy task but we have managed to streamline our methodology and offer you a product that is always available with the highest in quality standards. We are proud to present the NEWMAN'S OWN CUSTOM DNA BOX MOD available in 2000mah and 3400mah versions. This mod will not only turn heads but VAPE your mind away. Each cutout is meticulously done by hand with love and passion. We start out by removing the sweet or savory mints and set those aside. We send those to you in a bag for you to enjoy as a pallet cleanser prior to enjoying your liquid.

Once the box is prepped we begin our “magic.” We transform the tin into a top of line mod with only the best technology available. All of our tactile switches and buttons are made with our mod in mind. We take into account every detail of every item that is used to create this beauty. We go as far as to assess how many times a button can be pushed in its lifetime to how long our solder will hold up. Each part of the build is tested and it must pass a rigorous QC (quality check) prior to shipping. This DNA mod is full functionality. Meaning, it has “stealth mode”, screen flipping to right and left and the ability to lock the device to prevent inadvertent firing of the mod. All of our custom DNA mods at A to Z Vapor World have pass-through charging capability so you will never be without a mod. Vape while you are charging your mod and simply take a look at the small pin size hole next to the USB port to know when your mod is fully charged. The indicator light will change from red to green. If you are using the mod pass-through, the indicator light will glow a red/orange color. To top it off we have installed a master power on and off slider switch. When you are done for the night or place the mod in your pocket and want to preserve battery life simply cut the entire power supply to the device. This is our favorite part actually. You may ask why? Well each time you turn on your DNA mod the screen says A to Z Vapor World. Evolv has made our DNA chips custom for us and it is just another way to secure true A to Z authenticity.

If you have any questions about this mod or have an idea that you may want done that is not offered here, just give is a ring. If you can dream it, A to Z can do it.

*If you select the custom fire button placement, the TIGER model has multiple options. Please choose your option from the drop down menu* If you would like your "Custom" fire button mounted somewhere other than whats listed please select the "Chrome Domed Tactile Switch (custom placement, I will comment below) + $20.00" Option and fill out the comment form on the bottom of the page!

FAQ: Why does it display “Weak Battery” / “Check Battery?

Weak Battery / Check Battery is displayed after the DNA20/DNA30 Chip is awaken from sleep mode. The Chip automatically goes into a hibernation state 4 minutes after the last push of any button or use. This message is found on all DNA devices and has nothing to do with the battery used to power the device or indicate any problem with the device.

Note*  External charging cable and adapter are sold seperately. Please visit our Accessories section for these items.

*Limited Warranty offered on all custom mods

 Please see our POLICY section for important information on your custom mod purchase.

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Price: $179.99
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Customer Reviews

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Submitted on 03/21/2014 by Ron Bagwell

New mans DNA 30

You want top notch craftsmanship,functionality and great looks this is a must have. Rob puts his heart and sole into every handmade tin he makes. The master power switch is a must have saves battery life. The customer service is above all others

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